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Standards for the Identification and Classification of Synthetic Diamonds


     Recently, the “Standards for the Identification and Classification of Synthetic Diamonds” jointly developed by 17 units including the Jewelry and Jade Jewelry Management Center (NGTC) of the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Shanghai Diamond Exchange, the Guangzhou Diamond Exchange Center, and the Shanghai Diamond Exchange Joint Management Office have passed the The review organized by the China Association for Standardization Standardization Management Committee (GAC/T) will be released and implemented in the near future. After nearly ten years of development, China has now become a major producer of synthetic diamonds. The application of large-grain synthetic diamonds in the field of jewellery is also growing. The largest diamond manufacturer De Beers also announced in May 2018 that it will carry out The marketing business of synthetic diamonds means that synthetic diamonds have officially entered the jewelry industry, which has aroused widespread concern in the domestic and international diamond industry. How to maintain and standardize the consumption market of synthetic diamonds in the jewelry industry, and establish a scientific and reasonable standard of practice and practice has become a topic of common concern in the industry.
     As the first drafting unit of the "Standards for the Identification and Classification of Synthetic Diamonds" - the Jewelry and Jade Jewelry Management Center of the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Synthetic Diamond Research Group has been established since 2012. Over the years, it has been actively carrying out research on corresponding identification methods and technical indicators. Work and share the latest research results with the industry in a timely manner.
      In the standard development process, the project team members went to Henan, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Shandong and other places for several times to communicate with experts and scholars of synthetic diamond production and sales enterprises, scientific research institutes, quality inspection institutions, etc., to track purchases in time. The latest varieties of synthetic diamonds are comprehensively tested and analyzed in gemology, spectroscopy, and electrical magnetism. On this basis, the methods for identifying synthetic diamonds that can be used in the operation of quality inspection institutions are summarized.
      At the same time, the "Synthetic Diamond Identification and Classification" project team combined with laboratory testing and market conditions, established a scientific, effective, practical and strong synthetic diamond grading system, formed a standard consultation draft, sent to the experts of the Standardization Committee Members and synthetic diamond production and sales companies, to collect opinions. The research team formed a standard review draft based on the careful evaluation and continuous improvement of the feedback.
     After the strict review of the draft for review, the expert group of the China Standards Association Standardization Management Committee (GAC/T) agreed that the standard is based on the actual situation of the synthetic diamond industry at home and abroad, scientific and fair, and basically conforms to GB/T1.1-2009. Provisions that meet the basic requirements for group standards. Regarding some of the suggestions and opinions put forward during the review, the Standards Development Group stated that the standards will be revised and improved as soon as possible according to the opinions of the reviewing experts, and the standard approval materials will be completed and submitted for the early release and implementation.

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